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     Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Our lymphatic system has a huge part to play in keeping our bodies healthy and is a system often  overlooked. 

Increasingly, lymphatic health is seen as a fundamental principal to wellness and is especially vital for our immune health.  It filters our body systems, through the elimination of excess fluids, toxins and waste. Supporting this vital system will ultimately lead to a stronger immune system and a healthier you.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) can support this. The original RLD research was based on treatment for both primary and secondary lymphoedema. This award-winning Reflexology technique developed by Sally Kay has supported many women that have been dealing with both physical and emotional difficulties linked to a lymphoedema diagnosis.

Moreover, studies have found that chronic disease and autoimmune diseases such as ME, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in addition to asthma, headaches and hormonal issues can also benefit from this treatment. 

Focusing on our lymphatic wellbeing could lead to the prevention of many problems that our lifestyles can bring. Everyday life pressures such as stress, little time to exercise, dehydration, pollution and toxins can cause your lymphatic system to be overburdened, leading to inflammation, fatigue, joint pains, headaches and the serious risk of disease.  

Frequently Asked Questions 


How is Lymphoedema affecting your life?

Has the swelling and general discomfort, the emotional impact and feelings around body image and the impact on things you are doing in your everyday life become normal to you? 

Have you learned to live with it?

Consider the possibility of your lymphoedema swelling reducing; not only how that would affect you in your

day-to-day life, but how that would have a cascade effect on the quality of your life as a whole.

How long do results last?

Results can be long lasting in the sense that the area usually doesn’t go back to a worse state.

Regular maintenance treatments will support this.

What can I expect to see?

Everybody is different and presents with a different clinical journey, however often the first treatment has the biggest impact on fluid reduction.

Subsequent treatments give more steady results.


What about my compression garment?

Some people are measured for a new one as their fingers become more flexible.

Some people will find they no longer need to wear compression.

What will I feel?

Ultimately, just like regular reflexology, RLD is a highly relaxing, non-invasive treatment.

Post treatment comments such as  I am feeling lighter, I have function back in my arm again

and  I feel a  renewed confidence in myself are testament to this treatment. 

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