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Take charge of your best wellbeing with 
Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph Drainage,
ScarWork, Reiki and Holistic massage
based in Richmond-upon-Thames
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How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you to go? A place of women to learn the ways of woman... a place where you were nurtured from an ancient flow sustaining you and steadying you as you sought to become yourself. A place of women to help you trust the ancient flow already there within yourself... waiting to be released...
A place of women....
                                How might your life be different?

adapted from the words of Judith Duerk

Missing Piece


Do you recognise the importance of nurturing your own wellbeing? 

 Do you feel plunged into a place of the unknown, and perhaps need support to be able to feel grounded, find resilience and resolve?  

Are you looking for ways to support your immune system and to get all your body systems working in harmony and to feel whole again?

Are you experiencing difficult changes in your life or experiencing symptoms of menopause?  

Have you undergone surgery or treatment for cancer?  

Have your movements become restricted due to scar tissue which has affected your daily life ?

Has Lymphoedema affected your ability to engage in the things you love? 




Creating harmonious flow



Comfort in your own skin

Reflexology treatments offer you a chance to take control of your wellbeing, leading your body towards balance. We often forget that our bodies are complex, capable of so much when treated with respect and easily thrown off balance if not. We function as part of a system, with interconnected organs designed to flow, working together harmoniously. This wonderful treatment can result in deep relaxation thereby helping to reduce stress, promote wellbeing and resilience and help the body to restore its balance naturally.


Dating back to Ancient Egypt, India and China, reflexology is based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond to different areas of the body and body systems. Using thumbs and fingers to gently manipulate these points, this gentle therapy works to link areas, in doing, support the body to work as well as it can. 

I also offer Reflexology Lymph Drainage. This relaxing, non-evasive treatment is highly effective for those with lymphoedema and auto-immune diseases, such as ME, fibromyalgia and asthma by encouraging lymphatic flow and reducing inflammation. Find out more here.


My work will tailor a holistic individual treatment plan that takes into account to you as a whole, considering both physical and non-physical issues that might be affecting you.



Relax body and mind

Holistic massage has a positive effect on the nervous system and encourages deep relaxation for the mind and body. The pain of our emotions lives in our bodies as physical pain with thoughts and emotions constantly flowing through us. Therefore, this has a subtle influence throughout the body systems, through the flow of chemical reactions that control stress and hormones and in turn our day to day wellbeing. If we fail to address our emotional stress, this anxiety can disrupt our vital flow leading to aches and pains and may eventually manifest as physical illness.

Scars from surgery or accidents can cause both physical and emotional pain. ScarWork is a painless, non-invasive, light touch therapy. Through gentle manipulation, this treatment improves the function in the area by releasing adhesions, relieving pain, addressing numbness, improving the health and feel of the scar and often improving its appearance. This gentle touch can also serve as a wonderful way to emotionally come to terms with changes to the body.

My expertise and passion lies in working with individuals post-cancer surgery, such as with DIEP flap and 

mastectomy scars. With similar techniques, I also treat scars from caesareans and tummy tucks. Find out more here.



Connect to you

Our bodies are made up of dynamic energy that flows and interplays with the world around us. This energy has the potential to provide us with invaluable strength and peace of mind. As women we have a tendency to rely on outside help for guidance and our wellbeing thereby creating a split from Self, leading us to forget to trust our instincts. Where there its a place for intervention it is important to look inside ourselves for answers.

A Reiki treatment can encourage our bodies to harness that dynamic energy. During a treatment a wonderful state of relaxation can ensue were we can connect to our inner guidance. Such a connection can be enormously empowering and a boost to trusting our inherent female wisdom. 

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Welcome to Flow Therapies in Richmond upon Thames 


It is widely understood that the condition of our body and state of our mind is deeply connected to long-term health. By working holistically on both levels, your body and mind have the potential to find greater harmony.


A truly powerful state.


As women, our bodies have rhythms and we are constantly having to adapt to change. Hormones come in wave-like motions, so we ebb and flow on a physical and emotional level.


As my understanding of this deepens so does my desire to help bring a difference to you.


Time to take charge of your best well-being.


I am a qualified reflexologist, with a specialist qualification in Reflexology Lymph Drainage, an experienced massage therapist, intuitive reiki master and passionate ScarWork practitioner. I trained in bodywork and facial treatments over thirty years ago and have worked in the industry for some years. During a career break to raise my family I pursued other goals such as facilitating a rowing course for groups post-cancer, that enabled individuals to regain fitness through rowing, and providing workshops in related areas, such as goal setting and anxiety management. Since then, my continuing interest in complementary therapies led me to return to my original passion. Since my return, I have focused on reflexology, ScarWork, holistic massage and reiki balancing. With my core focus on those with cancer-related concerns I also volunteer for a charity called Look Good Feel Better: a charity that provides workshops in hospitals throughout the UK to support women and men to deal with the visible effects of their cancer treatment. 


Further training within the NHS and work within other hospital settings has given me specialist knowledge and skills in cancer oncology massage. With this knowledge, skillset and continued professional development in cancer care, I am able to provide treatment for clients and patients dealing with common side effects during their chemotherapy treatment and following cancer surgery. Alongside my training in ScarWork, including a post-graduate training in working with pelvic and breast scars and qualification in Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD), this enables me to provide relaxation and well-being treatments for clients living with and beyond cancer. My qualification as a Reiki Master Practitioner further enables me to provide a truly holistic experience for my clients.


I would really love to hear from you and am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding tailoring a treatment for your needs.


Warm wishes,


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Amanda's clinic is in the centre of Richmond town, with easy access by tube, train and bus from London and the surrounding areas.


Richmond - Upon - Thames


Tel: +44 7771965491



I have had 8 treatments with Amanda. These have helped me immensely, my recent blood thyroid tests have shown normal level for the first time in many years. I would highly recommend her treatments.

Dawn - West Molesey 



I look forward to connecting with you

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